For Credit Unions

Offer Your Members a Turnkey Insurance Solution

MemberInsure offers a zero start-up cost, high tech, service-focused insurance solution to members while offering non-interest income options to Credit Unions through different revenue sharing models.

Deepen your member relationships by providing an expanded choice of products/services

You’ve already established solid connections with your members by offering them core products. MemberInsure’s portfolio of home, auto, life and small business insurance provided through your credit union can be an additional solution to strengthen those relationships. The MemberInsure program provides additional cross-sell opportunities for you and adds value to your members.

Generate a new source of non-interest revenue

We offer different revenue sharing models to align with your credit union’s goals and objectives. Our solution is a zero cost startup program that integrates with your loan system, educates your front life staff on how to communicate with members, and provides marketing materials specific to your credit union. We handle all of the upfront and ongoing work and provide quarterly payouts.

Opportunities to increase services with indirect members

We offer a solution that can create an avenue for a deeper relationship with your indirect members. Although the loan process is pretty painless, converting and keeping the indirect member can be challenging. Our high tech program can provide insurance quotes at the time of pre-approval, which presents members with additional service opportunities through your credit union.


Insurance from a credit union-centric company with an emphasis on outstanding member satisfaction

Since 2014, MemberInsure has proudly served credit unions with a member-focused insurance solution. We know credit unions, and our insurance industry expertise makes us a partner that adds member value. MemberInsure strives to provide the right coverage for the right price every time. We work with a wide array of insurance carriers to meet the member’s needs. Our business is national in scope, so if a member moves outside of your field of membership, we have them covered.

How We Work With You

We offer an array of channel options to reach your membership. From linking directly to your loan origination system to an online quote system directly from your website, and front line staff word of mouth referral, we can tailor our options to work with you.

We deploy the latest agency management technology to turn your member information into a complete customer profile to assist us in placing the proper coverage every time.

With ongoing portfolio monitoring, we provide you with the tracking metrics you will want in order to monitor policy growth within your credit union. It also affords us the ability to create specific target marketing campaigns to complement your credit union’s promotions and campaign

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