Paying insurance every month for a house or a car is built into most of your members’ monthly budgets without a second thought. Some of your members may pay for life insurance, or accidental death and dismemberment insurance, but we are pretty sure that its rare any of your members are paying for marriage insurance or alien abduction insurance. What? Yes! Here are some fun and wild insurance facts you never knew you wanted to know until now.

Marriage Insurance

“Change of heart” coverage can be purchased just in case cold feet isn’t a passing phase. Marriage insurance is being offered as a way of financially protecting couples who don’t stay married while rewarding those who do. Couples can purchase the insurance that could pay out $100,000 if they stay together 25 years or longer. Sounds smart, like a savings plan for those that are committed!

Alien Abduction Insurance

People will pay to cover “beam me up, Scotty” moments! Alien Abduction Insurance (also known as UFO insurance) is supposed to pay the policyholder out if they can prove abducted by non-human life forms have abducted them, as long as the policy terms and conditions are met and the proof is valid.

Hole in One Insurance

Ever wondered how companies could afford to offer a $1,00,000 prize if a hole in one is shot at a sponsored golf tournament? There are insurance companies that offer prize indemnity insurance to cover companies that sponsor a golf hole in one prize.

Space Travel Insurance

Apollo 11 Astronauts couldn’t get life insurance prior to their launch so they gave themselves their own “life insurance policy made of autographs” that could be sold by their families if they did not return. That’s a pretty smart idea, and since they all returned to earth those autographs values definitely increased.

Space Junk Insurance

We’re sticking with the space theme! Space junk insurance coverage is available and will cover debris from asteroids, meteors or orbiting satellites hurtling toward Earth and hitting your car, some auto insurance policies can cover the damage.
Multiple Birth Insurance

Kids are expensive, especially when more than one arrives at a time! Multiple birth insurance covers the financial impact of more than one baby. One couple collected after having twins, purchased the insurance again, and ended up having another set of twins!