Credit Union-Owned, Member-Focused, Insurance-Driven

We have a passion for helping Credit Unions create deeper relationships with their members. We offer strategic solutions that create ongoing member engagement and strengthen the member’s experience with you.

How We Work With You

We offer a service focused solution that provides your member’s insurance through your credit union.

Our program brings non-interest income to you, and a new way to offer additional products and services to members.

While many insurance providers have turned into an impersonal call center exchange with their policyholders, we provide your members with a team of insurance advisors who know and understand each member’s needs and can offer personalized advice.

Case Study

Mazuma Insurance Services

Mazuma, a credit union headquartered in Overland Park, KS, white labeled the MemberInsure program and we created Mazuma Insurance Services. From approved loan application daily downloads to front line staff referrals to member marketing materials, Mazuma Insurance Services has become a significant service offering in Mazuma’s portfolio.

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